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Well, the long-anticipated “Police Line” from Code 3 finally here. Code 3 continues to redefine detail in their diecast models, and these models are no exception. The first three choices are the NYPD Emergency Services Unit Squad 6 REP, ESV and Truck. In the 1930’s, the NYPD unit was established to provide support to police officers on Patrol. ESU provides specialized equipment and support to the various divisions within the NYPD. From water rescues to hostage encounters, ESU units are called when officers with specialized training are required.

 The REP Unit

The Radio Emergency Patrol unit usually carries two officers, rescue and SWAT equipment. The Code 3 model is based on a  Ford Super Duty chassis with either the Oddessey or Saulsbury body. Overall this model is nicely done. The decoration and the assorted details prove Code 3 is ratcheting up the detail with every model. The tread plate on the box looks in proportion to the unit. In addition, there are lights aplenty on this one. I like the treatment of separate colored plastic on the rear warning lights. The sideview mirrors are actually painted to reflect (no pun intended) mirrored glass. The wheels, although the rims are solid, the tires have a decent amount of tread detail. There has been some discussion on the scale of the model, but when place next to the ESV unit, it looks pretty much in proportion.

 The ESV Unit

 The Emergency Service unit is a special ops unit that is called when a marine rescue is involved, scene lighting is needed or specialized equipment is needed. The Code 3 model is based on an International/Saulsbury, and this too is not lacking for any detail whatsoever! Code 3 has added several neat details to this rig. Starting at the cab of the truck, the NightScan light tower pops up from the top of the cab. Overall detail on the graphics are amazingly clear. Moving to the body of the unit, the jacks extend down (but not out), unfortunately they don’t reach the surface. The handles on the roll-up doors are separate pieces, which really add to the detail of the truck. The big surprise is the Auto Crane on the body. Code 3 did a nice job on this. It not only raises and extends, the ‘cable’ is spring-loaded, so it retracts with the boom as it goes into its resting position. The boat is nicely done, with police graphics on the outboard motor. The support rack for the boat seats the boat nicely on the truck. As with the REP unit, the warning light treatment is superb throughout the unit.

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