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Updated November 18, 2006

Photos of the real apparatus

 This year the National Motor Museum Mint released probably one of the best valued fire collectables to date; a model of the 1960’s Mack C Pumper for North Tarrytown Fire Department, New York. This was made possible with the NMM joining forces with Signature models, the model  was originally intended to be released as a 1/32 scale replica but due to rising oil cost plus production cost they agreed to scale down to 1:50. It would have been nice to see it in the larger scale, but I’m sure you will agree that the finished piece with a price of around $20.00 is just an unbelievable value. The model comes in a white mailer box, upon opening the box you will find a two piece Styrofoam case that protects your new collectible. The model is primarily die-cast metal with plastic detail parts and chassis plate, the metal casting is sharp and precise; the chrome plating on the plastic is clean and bright. On the example I have, the paint is a flawless rich red. A lot of attention to detail has been given to this model; the graphics are crisp and authentic to the real pumper. The doors open, you can pose the front wheels … and yes -- for all you Bulldog fans, there it is … a replica of the signature Mack Bulldog on the front. There is a mixture of clear and chrome painted lenses, the only draw back I can see is the two big plastics rods on the chassis plate. I was told that these were to secure the model when it was in transit, I was also told that NMM requested them to be removed, but they were necessary and now part of the mold before it went into production. You can cut them off with a sharp knife or modeling tool. Overall, this is a “must have” piece and you cannot go wrong with the price too. The photos really do not do this model justice, you need to hold it to really appreciate what the two companies involved have given today’s fire model collectors.

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