After the long wait, Code 3 Collectibles finally came out with a Piece from Las Vegas, Nevada. In Q4 of 2005 Code 3 came out with the Las Vegas City Fire and Rescue paramedic engine 5. Costing $49.99 plus shipping for non-members, but for the members of the Code 3 Collectors club, it would cost $39.99 plus shipping, with 10.00 dollars savings.


The cab on the Las Vegas Engine 5 has a incredible amount of detail. The bumper has a siren on the top of the bumper, then right next to that there seems to be a little cabinet on the top. On the front of the bumper there is a few sirens and a 5 in gold lettering right dead center in the middle of the bumper. On the front of the rig there is a little insignia that is for certification of the U.S. government or of something of that sort. Then above that there are two mini light bars on one side the other on the other side right above the headlight. In between the mini light bars there is a Las Vegas in gold lettering. On the side of the cab, the Las Vegas City Fire and Rescue is on both sides, on the front door. Behind the front door and the back door there are two handle bars on each side. Between the front door and the back door there is a 5 in gold lettering. Above the five there is a pair of dice showing a 7. On the top of the cab there is a light bar and the pumper has that 12 inch raise.



The middle section consists of the control panels , deck pipe, hose, spotlight, foam container and etc. The detail on the control panels is dazzling from the gauges to the connections, its all there. On the top of the Mid-section there is some hose and the boaster line, with the nicely done nozzle on the end. The deck is in the middle of all of that and that was done well also. I like how code 3 put the one foam canister which accents the top of the mid-section.


The rear is nicely done with identical markings as the real engine 5, with the Las Vegas Fire and Rescue towards the top of the rig, The Paramedic marking towards the bottom and on the other side of the bottom the with 1485 marking. Also above the 1485 the marking that reads ISO CLASS 1. The nice yellow stripe under the Las Vegas Fire and Rescue accent both sides of the rear part of the rig. On the top of the rear there are some items that really accent the top of the model, first off the ladder on the top of the passengerís side, and the two fork rake on the top of the driverís side. The rear is nicely done with the two markings of Las Vegas and on the other side it says Fire and Rescue, the tail lights are done well, with three different colors. There is a warning sign right next to one of the connectors on the rear of the truck. there are two connectors on the rear. The roll rear door accents the rear, of the pumper. There are three handle bars on the rear two of them on the on both sides on the rear of the pumper, and the other is going from side to side all along the rear.

Unfortunately I found a couple of mistakes. One of them is on the rear roll up door, it should have a 5 on it and a line under it, another mistake I found was, there should be an eagle with a flag behind it above the windowís that above the Marking 5. The hose on the mid-section and the actual hose bed, code 3 could have done a better job to make the

hose look more realistic. Other than that they did a fine job.

Below there are some comparison photos that I took myself, take a look to see how it matches up.


Overall I am very pleased to see code 3 make something from Las Vegas, and hope to see more Las Vegas come from code 3. The model is nicely done, besides a couple mistakes, I rate this model a 9.5 out of 10.

*  Joe is a 14 year old collector from Las Vegas.

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