By: Steve Rager

Breyer has been a long time manufacturer of scale replica horses that have excellent detail and accurate coloration for each breed represented. Although their scale sizes vary this horse and wagon combination is in 1/12 which makes it a formidable addition to any display. Horse and hand drawn fire equipment has been under represented in the scale model industry and this is a welcome addition to collectors wishing to exhibit fire equipment from it's early days to the present.
 Although this is not a die cast it has been very well done and has excellent detailing in the horses as well as the wagon. The hose bed provided was only a single layer but the addition of a cardboard insert boosting it up to the top of the wagon rear gate gave it a much more realistic look. The horse bridles are somewhat a challenge for those of us that have never had to put on much more than a dog collar before, but it comes out OK in the end. One suggestion is do not attempt to tighten any of the belts until all the rigging is installed. This harness has some stretch factor but be careful not to break one because I am not sure how you would get a replacement. The reins are long enough to possibly salvage a piece if you should break one. In fact the reins have no place to go when completed and I just draped them over the seat and through a side rail. It probably would look better if there were a driver as it would provide a place for the reins and give the entire model an action appearance.
 You can find these all day for around $200.00 but a wise shopper can find them for 25% less than that on the internet. I got this one for $134.00 plus shipping and feel it was well worth that amount.
Hope this information is helpful to your collectors.

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