Code 3 Collectibles Collectible's
Coaldale, PA.
Tower Ladder
Scott "Paxscottie" Strandberg

When you open the box, delivered by your Fedex person, and pull the bubble dome from it's shipping sleeve. The first thing that can to my mind was WOW! Now is it a "Bayonne repaint" yes, all the way. But, he is the difference. For the most part the graphics really stand out on this one. Maybe the tower ladder is painted in the more traditional color, white over red, no, that's not it. Or maybe it's a Mack CF Tower Ladder, That could be it. This could have been a favorite to many collectors if Code 3 Collectibles could have went the "extra mile". All the little graphics are great, up front over the windshield in the very familiar flat part that Mack lovers know well. It has a bumper sticker of the South Park gang and the saying, "South Park Express". Along both sides of the body the tower has the warning electrical shock signs. One under the turntable, and the other above the rear step just below the tower basket. On the tower operator's pedestal is the second South Park decal with the gang and the saying, "The engine company got the front of the building those bast!@@#". All of the
graphics on this piece are very well done and crisp.

Now the short comings that would have been done, would have made this one a very quick sell out, I think anyway. If Code 3 Collectibles would have made the little extras on the front bumper, Extinguishers and the bell, and use the correct lightbar on top. The FDNY style "Candy stripe" Federal AeroDynic, like they used on the FDNY lime Mack CFs. I think, would have put this offering close to the top. I'm sure if the would have added those small details, mostly everyone would not cared about the tandem rear not being a single opening and the "Extra compartments" above the rear set of wheels. I understand Code 3 Collectibles stand on trying to make each model close as possible, I'm just saying that the "extras" would have been nice
to see.

All in all the Coaldale Tower is a great model produced by Code 3 Collectibles again. could have been a little better, but livable. On a WOW factor of 1-5 I am giving it 4 WOWs!



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