Code 3 Collectibles
Plexiglas Fireboat Cover

By:  Ron Arnow

Today I received my Plexiglas cover for the FDNY Firefighter.  It's a excellent quality item, made of 1/8th inch material, with the top , front, and rear sides one piece with rounded  edges.  The sides were cemented on, and were on the inside of the main piece, making a  very neat job.
It was packed extremely well, enveloped in Styrofoam, wrapped in bubble wrap, and had Styrofoam support blocks in the inside of the case to keep it from crushing during shipping.  Taking the Styrofoam support pieces off were easy, but they broke up into a myriad of tiny bits as I extracted them, landing on both the inside and outside of the case.  They were also static electrically charged, so getting them off the Plexiglas case was an exercise in frustration.
After the case's removal and cleaning, I placed it over the boat on it's wood base.  The United States flag on the stern of the boat needed to be bent forward to get the case on properly without breaking the flag off. The fit on the bottom of the case where it meets the wood base was excellent. I have no doubts that it will keep the model relatively dust free. Additionally, I felt the model was enhanced by the use of this case.
I had perviously called a manufacture of custom acrylic items, and I was quoted a price of $14.00 plus tax and shipping for the case. Just about $20.00 total.  This case would be of 5 pieces of Plexiglas cemented together rather then this 3 piece case. I opted to use my Rescue Rewards points (1000) for it's purchase from Code 3.  All in all this is an excellent case, and I felt the use of the RR points were worth it.

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