Review of Yat-Mingís Signature Series 1938 Ford Fire Engine


Just a few weeks ago while walking through a local Wholesale club my eyes caught site of the die-cast car section. Upon closer examination and moving a carton of Yat-Ming 1:24 cars I hit pay dirt.

On the floor was a box of Yat-Mings new Signature series Fire Engine Classics. Quickly my friend and I load the shopping cart with the 1916 Ford Model T Chiefís Car, 1938 Ford Engine, 1941 GMC Engine the sign above the cars read $19.99 when we reached the checkout line each rang in for $14.00. This is my first time reviewing for so forgive me if it is not as good as most of the other reviews.

Lets start with the 1938 Ford Engine which is the Georgetown Engine Company 1 under the hood is Fordís flathead V-8 engine. The one thing that stuck out in my mind was the quality of this magnificent piece. All of these models are boxed in a box with a black velvet like material. The Engine itself was secured by two screws underneath the vehicle and when they are removed you pick up the Engine to find that it has two clamps on each running board that held it in place. All the accessories are I a plastic pack to protect them during shipping, there is also a Gold Collectors Coin in each box.

The paint job is of surprising quality along with pin striping, the use of a polishing cloth helps to make it shine even more. A huge chrome searchlight is on the driverís side and the old 3 light revolving emergency lights are on the officerís side. On the center of the hood is the siren, all hand brakes etc. are done in very good detail, the wheel makes the front tires turn, and this baby is loaded with chrome.

Other extras include a soft plastic seat that almost feels like real leather, a hose reel that unreels hose. Extras also include fire extinguishers an extension ladder, a pike and other extras. The only problem is you donít have any instructions as to where each piece should go, and I used the photo off of Yat-Mings site to know what went where. Detail under the Engine is also well done.

That just about concludes my review of the 1938 Ford even if youíre not as lucky as I was to find them at an incredible price shop around and buy these fine models you wonít be disappointed. My next review will be the 1935 Mack and all other Trucks in this series.

Keep on collecting itís a great hobby.

All the best and stay safe

Wayne Highley