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Owner:  Jamie M. Brown
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We have been scratch building fire apparatus since 1981. We’ve searched for many years looking for different fire apparatus models kits, and have found as you have. There were not many manufactures available to serve our needs.

Scratch building a 1.24 scale piece can take well over 2 years to complete, we know this is a daunting task for anyone who’s Hobbyist and that interested in fire apparatus kits. We have taken on this task to bring to this specialize market a product that we’ve researched and developed on our own.

We started this build in 2000, and it has taken us well over 6 years to put together 2 different fire kits. These first kits represent a new breed of after-market products.

This will be the first in many different types of fire apparatus kits We’ll be producing in the coming years.

These resin products are going to require some time and patients in the prep work, painting, gluing, and decals. The information that we will show you will help you assemble a beautiful show piece item that will amaze your family and friend alike.

We hope you enjoy these products.

SSB Mission Statement

At SSB Resins we are introducing a line of after-market hobby Fire Apparatus kits for the mid level skilled to professional hobby enthusiast.

 We’ve spent over 25 years of scratch building emergency vehicles of all types, mostly from the Los Angeles area. We will bring to you some of the most exciting Fire Apparatus replica’s available today.  All of the Fire Cabs, Fire Bodies, and Rescue Bodies, are built by hand.  We have spent thousand hours over the past 7 years in development of our Fire Apparatus kits and Accessories. Our mission is to provide the highest quality After-Market product at a reasonable price to the consumer for this very specialized hobby product. We’re not a very large company, but we have very large idea’s. We will develop new and exciting products for our customers and continue to

bring the best quality that is available today in this type of market.

One of the most important things that we promise to do for you is to ship your purchase in a timely manner as soon as you order any product it will be shipped out within 5 to 7 business days no later than two weeks of purchase unless we’re out of stock. Enjoy these Fire Apparatus products, more to come.

Currently there are two kits ready to ship.  One is a FDNY Seagrave Engine the other a FDNY Squad.  Both are available for immediate delivery!

Both can be customized with a vast number of apparatus 1:24 scale accessories available for SSB Resins.

NEW - Take a photo tour of the completed model CLICK HERE

Seagrave Cab, Pump Panel, and Body - 16" Long
Various Accessories
Click on photo to enlarge (very large photo)


Underside of Pump Panel
Notice how thick this casting is
Click on photo to enlarge (very large photo)



1:24 Scale FDNY E8
Driver's Side

1:24 Scale FDNY E8
Officer's Side


1:24 Scale FDNY Squad 41
Driver's Side

1:24 Scale FDNY Squad 41
Officer's Side



This is a work in progress 1:24 scale FDNY Tower Ladder
Resin Kit
Click on photo to enlarge

For more detailed photos of the FDNY Engine CLICK HERE.  For detailed photos of the FDNY Squad CLICK HERE.