BY:  Larry Lorance

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1:32 Scale Scania Civil Defence Pumper
From Masterpiece Collectibles


A Singapore, Asia company, Masterpiece Collectibles, has ventured into the model fire apparatus market with this highly detailed model of a Singapore Civil Defence [Defense] Force (SCDF) Scania P270 fire pumper. 

According to NG Kok Soon (Dickson), owner of Masterpiece Collectibles, there are three other projects he has completed:

SAR 21 Scale 1:6 Rifle


WRX Scale: 1:24 Police Vehicle

Diversion 900 Scale 1:6 Motorcycle

The Scania pumper is his latest project.  He is also working on other projects but I am not sure if any of them are model fire apparatus models. 

The Scania P270 Pumper

The Scania P270 Pumper has is a Multi-pressure water pump. One high pressure hose reel. RTP foam system. Roof mounted remote controlled 2,200 liter/minute water monitor, 1,200 liter Fabricated in stainless steel tank, portable water pump. and a front  mounted winch. Below are photos of the real apparatus Dickson chose to model.  In can carry a crew of six including the driver. Currently there are ten operated by the Singapore Civil Defence Force.

The words PL on the pumper stand for "Pump Ladder". It is the equivalent of the Engine in the in the States. For this model, its based on the pumper with call sign 411. This means it is from fire station 41, which is Jurong Fire Station in Singapore, and the other number 1 means its pumper number 1 in the station. Each station carries two Pump Ladders, which means the sister pumper will be 412. There are also various other rigs with similar numbers such as the ladder and breathing apparatus tender etc depending on the location of the station.


Jurong Fire Station
Photos by Gregory Ng'


Scania P270 Pumper 411
Photos by
Gregory Ng and Juncong

This resin model was designed by a team of specialist and manufactured in China.  Below you can see photos of the original prototype samples of the model.



Another project is the 1/18 Light Fire Attack Vehicle (LFAV).  The unpainted prototype is pictured below.


The Model

First, this article is presented without the aid of the real model.  It was written using comments and observations of collectors who work with the real pumper and own the model, the owner of Masterpiece Collectibles, and collectors own the model itself. 

Second, I would like to thank Singapore firefighter Muhd and Detroit firefighter Jeff  for their assistance with this article.   Both provided their time, photos, and input.  Thanks guys!

This resin cast 1:32 scale measures 11 inches long, 3.5 inches wide, and 3.5 inches high.

Comparing size of Code 3 Diamond Plate to Model

This model was originally crafted for Singapore Civil Defence firefighters.  In fact, is was crafted with the help of the SCDF.  In order to purchase the model, the country's firefighter had to present their fire service Icard. 

Only 100 of these resin models were crafted.  Dickson is making 25 of these models available to collectors in the United States.  He is currently working out the details to sell this model with an American based model emergency vehicle dealer here in the states.

It comes fully assembled and includes the following items that must be added:


One extension ladder

Two rear ladders

Two side mirrors

Two smaller mirrors that go on the drivers door above the side window and one in the front left corner


This model also has working bright LED lights.  You activate the lights using a small micro switch under the model.  Click here to see a video of the model's lighting cycle.


Collectors that have seen this model are struck by the detail it contains.  One collector tells me "it is about as close to the real rig as you can get." 

From the exact lighting, apparatus plumbing, water/foam nozzle, and ladders the attention to detail in this model is amazing.  The single feature that drew me to it was  the SK Rosenbauer deck mounted water monitor with feed line on the model.  Even the bolts holding down the monitor are detailed and painted.


SK Rosenbauer Deck Monitor

The model presents clean, crisp, and smooth lines that are true to the real pumper.  The diamond plating throughout the model is well done using a two different patterns indicative of the real apparatus.  

Emergency Equipment

The top of the model reveals a very good reproduction of the Sacol ladder, a chrome spotlight with clear plastic lens, black cable reel, triple extension ladder, tripod stand, antennas, and a forcible entry tool.   

Emergency Equipment and Sacol Ladder

The front of the model is reproduced in exacting detail.  The collector can lift the winch cover to reveal the electric winch.  Again, you see a very goo representation of the real pumper with correct license plate, manufacture logo, lean plastic lens, and emergency lighting.  Very impressive.


Winch Cover in Open Position

Pumper Front

The rear of the model is acceptable.  However, I think the painting on the rear diamond plate could have been done better. Since these models are all hand made the application of paint will vary from model to model. 

The rear WORKING lights are very will done with wire light protectors covering the lights.  There are two vertical ladders on both sides of the model that represent those found on the real pumper.  The ladder rungs are painted black to simulate the rungs found on the real apparatus.  Additionally, the roll-up doors a done well as well as the graphics found on the rear of the model.

Like all graphics on the real apparatus, the graphics found on the model are simple.  Masterpiece Collectibles uses clear and crisp waterslide decals on this model.   However, the with stripes that surround the cab do not bread up where the cab doors connect to the body.  This is a minor problem that could easily be corrected by the company cutting the stripe and folding it into the door.


Again, the article is based totally on photographs and comments supplied by other collectors.  Based on their comments and the photos provided, Masterpiece Collectibles is supplying collectors a great looking model that is slowly ending up in collectors here in the states.   The collectors interviewed for this article tell me it is one of the best models in their collection.

This model is the only custom made model that offers working lights (a feature I wish other companies would offer).  I hope Masterpiece Collectibles develops a working relationship with a dealer here so this and future models can be offered  to collectors in the states. 

I am also looking forward to additional offerings from Masterpiece Collectibles.  One, if produced, will be a spectacular offering that will really be a highly sought after model by collectors around the world.

Price for the United States has not been determined.  Once a dealer is found, I will modify this article to reflect the price and contact information.