1:18 Scale
Precision Models
1966 Cadillac S&S 48
Decals by Diecast and Decals

By: Larry Lorance

I spent the better part of my school years in Overland Park, KS.  I think I may have been the first one in Overland Park to have a "Police Radio" and would follow the Police, Fire, and Ambulance (not all at once back then).

My part of Johnson County was served by a long debunked ambulance company called "Harding Ambulance".  Back in the mid to late 60's there were no EMT's just "Ambulance Attendants" who were, with luck, Red Cross trained in first aid.

When I received my Precision Models 1966 Cadillac all I wanted to do was to detail it as an ambulance for the Harding fleet.  First, through pure luck, I contacted the Johnson County Library research librarians (what a great group of folks) to see if by chance they had the phone number from Harding in 1968.  I emailed them and within 30 minutes I received the old phone number and the address from the 1969 phone book.  AMAZING!

I was ready to go.  I contacted my friend Joe Schulte from Diecast and Decals about customizing decals for my project (Joe can do just about anything you need).  In a few days I had the decals from Joe and applied them. 

Now step into the "wayback machine" and take a look at my Harding Ambulance from 1968.

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