By:  Larry Lorance

Joe Schulte is the proprietor of Diecast and Decals .  Joe's company has carved itself a small notch in the diecast model industry by making custom decals for just about every scale you can come up with. 

In my case I wanted gold leaf lettering with a black back ground for my 1:16 scale Highway 61 Chevy C-65 Pumper; Joe's company came through with flying colors.   You can read a full review of the original model by Clicking Here.

I emailed Joe and let him know what I needed to letter this model for the "Edmond Fire Dept.".  Joe went to work and designed exactly what I wanted and emailed me back Acrobat examples I could cut up and place on the model to get the proper scale.  Once I decided on the format, font, and size, Joe printed the decals on high quality decal paper and covered the decals with clear coat.

A few days later I had the decals in hand.  The decals were PERFECT!  I highly recommend Diecast and Decals if you have any custom decals that need to be made and YES he does white! 

The following photos are the decals applied to my model:

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Edmond Fire Department Model

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Photos by John Broglie